Competitions and Ratings


For players who wish to compete in a more formal/official event these details below should help you to make sure you enter into the correct event. We are always happy to help if you have any questions so please speak to your coach or contact us directly:

To enter our recreational events or our parent child events you do not need to have a rating but we would like you to have signed up to British Tennis Membership. 

This process only takes a few minutes. British Tennis Membership is FREE to all members of affiliated tennis clubs and people involved in a coaching programme and to all children under the age of 9. Once registered players receive a player rating, regular competition information, newsletters and the chance to win tickets to Wimbledon.

In order to enter an official competition you must be a member of British Tennis. 

A player rating enables the child, the parent and our coaches to measure their progress as they get into playing matches. A rating gives your child a goal and gives our coaching meaningful direction.

Mini Tennis Ratings

Mini Tennis Ratings are based on participation, not just winning. The emphasis is to get children used to the idea that playing matches is the norm, not something new or different. We are able to record the results of all the matches that children play as long as they are registered with British Tennis. More information on Mini Tennis Ratings can be found on the LTA website.


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