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We strive to attain high standards in everything we do and are really pleased that Witney Lawn Tennis Club and Lower Windrush Tennis Club have achived the Lawn Tennis Association for good practice by being accredited with Tennis Clubmark. Please take a look at what this means for you and your child by visiting our Club Mark page.


EXCEL TENNIS has an ethos of whole game development. This means that our coaches endeavour to teach children (and adults) how to play the game, not just hit the ball. Every child we teach, regardless of standard or ability will learn how to score, gain an understanding of the rules and will play matches at the earliest opportunity. We will also spend time in every lesson on basic sending and receiving skills, as well as exercises designed to develop agility, balance, coordination and speed.

What course is right for my child?

If your child is between 4 ½ and 10 years old then they should be playing Mini Tennis.

This is the LTA’s progressive coaching and competitive programme that introduces and inspires children to play and stay in tennis.  It comprises 3 stages which enable children to play the game of tennis in a way that is appropriate to their physical strength, emotional maturity and technical and tactical stage of development. Many other National Governing bodies follow this example such as Football (Mini Football), Cricket (Kwik Cricket), Hockey (Uni Hoc), Netball (High 5's). The 3 stages of Mini Tennis are Click Here


(The ages described above are rigidly adhered to in competition however within the coaching programme there may be some flexibility to allow for children starting at different stages.)
Our Mini Tennis programme includes tactical and technical development appropriate to the children’s developmental stage as well as regular competition.


If your child is 11 and over then our Junior Coaching courses will be ideal for them. 

These courses aimed at older children are a mixture of stroke development and competition within a hard working but socially appropriate environment.

What do we offer in our courses?


Our term time courses follow a scheme of work designed to maximise the learning potential of your child. The coaches encourage the children to learn the game through problem solving therefore gaining a tactical understanding as well as developing technique.


When can we play a match?

Most children want to compete. Our teaching programme over the term will include an appropriately based competition lesson every fourth week. This may mean anything from team based activities to full matches depending on player experience.

So that we can monitor the progress that children make we would strongly encourage you to Sign your child up to British Tennis. This process only takes a few minutes. British Tennis Membership is FREE to all members of affiliated tennis clubs and coaching programmes and to all children under the age of 9. Once registered players receive a player rating, regular competition information, newsletters and, if they are 9 or over, may enter their club's Wimbledon ticket ballot.


A player rating enables the child, the parent and our coaches to measure their progress as they get into playing matches. A rating gives your child a goal and gives our coaching meaningful direction.


Mini Tennis Ratings

Mini Tennis Ratings are based on participation, not just winning. The emphasis is to get children used to the idea that playing matches is the norm, not something new or different. We are able to record the results of all the matches that children play as long as they are registered with British Tennis. 


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