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Cardio Tennis

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What is Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis is a series of tennis-based drills and activities played to up-tempo music on a tennis court.


It does not require tennis skills, but is all about keeping your heart rate up, burning calories and having fun. Whether the ball goes in or out is irrelevant as the main purpose is to get fit.


Cardio Tennis includes a warm-up, cardio workout, and cool down phases. If you are looking for a great new way to get in shape and to burn calories, why not try Cardio Tennis?

Payment Options


There are 2 ways you can get involved in Cardio Tennis with the Academy

  • Use a Cardio Card - The Academy realises it can be very hard to commit to a block of coaching this is where the Cardio Card comes in, The Cardio Card costs £50 and entitles you to 6 lessons and last for 1 year from the date purchased. The card can be used at any time and just needs to be shown to the coach at the beginning of each session.

  • Pay as you play - Participants are welcome at any of our sessions and pay a one off fee of £10 for that individual session. You can pay this one off fee in cash on the day or with our simple online payment system 


Session List

What to expect

The LTA has a great playlist on their YouTube channel which gives you a great idea as what to expect from one of our cardio sessions. Take a look below:

Cardio Card

Cardio Card

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