Compete & Play

We believe all our players should be playing tennis outside of their sessions with us, whether that be just down the park with friends and family or by entering in to competitions and tournaments.


Tennis competitions provide opportunities for players of all levels to challenge themselves on a regular basis. With the nation’s love for tennis growing bigger than ever before, it’s never been easier to pick up a racket and participate in competitions.


We aim to make tennis matches fun and ‘normal’ just like any other sports matches.

During our lessons we not only teach pupils how to hit the ball but also how to ‘Play Tennis’ so they are ready to start competing early.  We want all pupils to enjoy playing and look forward to matches whether that is against a friend at the club, trying to beat mum and dad or in league fixtures or external tournaments. 

At the end of every half term we always play competitive tennis within the lesson so players can practice what they have learnt in the previous weeks and again to make playing competitive tennis normal.

Mini Tennis (ages 4 - 10)

Whether your child is just starting on their Mini Tennis journey, or has been playing for a few years, there are a lots of opportunities for them to get involved in fun and enjoyable competition!

Mini Red, Orange and Green competitions are graded to help players find the right tournaments, starting with local tournaments which provide a great introduction to competition.

Playing in competitions is a great way to put a player's skills into practice and demonstrate fair play, as they get the chance to compete against other players of a similar standard. 

Please find below a link to our page with all the information you'll need for competing at mini tennis level.

Ages 11+

Our hope is for all of our ages 11+ players to be competing in some capacity. Whether this be by entering in one of the many local tournaments that are run throughout the year, or by coming to one of our recreational tennis events.

There are also opportunities for players to compete in other organised events. You can find links to find these, and other useful resources, below.

Tennis competitions are graded between 7-1 to give an indication of the standard of play and to make it easier to identify suitable competitive opportunities.


For who are new to competing, we would recommend finding a Grade 7, Grade 6 or Grade 5 competition to start off with. 


We are always happy to help if you have any questions so please speak to your coach or contact us directly: