Excel Tennis Festivals

What are Excel Tennis Festivals?

We know that pupils who play tennis outside of lessons, be that playing with friends and family, league matches, or organised tournaments find that their ability develops much faster and they have much more enjoyment long term with the game. Playing matches also gives pupils the chance to see what they are good at and what they need to develop this helps give purpose to their coaching lessons which again increase confidence and enjoyment.


For this reason we will be offering regular TENNIS FESTIVALS in the new year, in March, the Easter Break and May Half Term.  We will run events for all ages with the hope we can start to help more pupils play more often and just enjoy playing tennis matches in a relaxed and fun environment.

Junior Events 

Events will be running for the following:

  • Boys ages: (10 - 12) (12 - 14) (14 - 18)

  • Girls ages: (12 - 18)

  • Mixed Boys & Girls ages: (8 - 9) (9 - 10)

Parent & Child Events

The Parent & Child event is amazing fun and when we have run these in the past everyone who has played has had a great time. Parents do not need to be tennis players or have any tennis experience to enter and this is a perfect way of parents and children having a great experience together. 

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