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Here you are able to order your Academy Clothing, find information on Tennis Rackets, and get your racket re-strung.


All our clothing is ordered directly from Joma which allows us to keep the prices down for you.

To order your clothing or to see all the products that we offer please visit our 

If you would like to see any of the items before you purchase please let Edward Large know. Samples and sizes can be viewed


Tennis Rackets

There are a number of decisions to be made when it comes to buying a tennis racket. Over the last 16 years Edward has developed extensive knowledge on tennis rackets and is able to help you find your perfect choice.


Edward is sponsored by YONEX and is able to get hold of a demo of any Yonex racket you would like to try.

Edward chose to partner with Yonex due to his belief that they make the best selection of rackets with the best prices.


If you would like more information on buying a new racket or which racket is best for you then please contact Edward Directly and he would be very happy to help.


Racket Re-Stringing

It is very important once you have a racket to maintain good quality strings. If you have never broken a string you may not realise that your racket needs restringing. New strings will aid with control, power, spin and accuracy as well as being a very big factor in injury prevention. Do you suffer from Tennis Elbow or sore wrists? The strings could be a factor in your pain.


Re stringing cost £25 and we only use quality string. 


If you would like your racket restrung or would like more information on the benefits to new strings please contact Edward directly and he would be very happy to help.


We have a variety of Tennis Accessories available for purchase.  To purchase any Item please contact Edward directly.


Tennis Grips                       £3.50

Over Grips                           £2.50

Shock Absorbers                £2.00

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