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Application Form

Coaching at the Eynsham Community Tennis Facility

Summer  Dates

Saturday 8th July - Saturday 16th September

Form Information - Please Read:

Pupil Info

Fill in information for the pupil attending. If you'd like to add a second pupil you can do that too. Please check that there are no typographical errors - especially with your contact details.

Session Booking

Here available sessions will be shown to you based on the age of the pupil submitted. If you would like more information on which group is best for you please contact

Once you have submitted the form a confirmation email of your booking will be sent to you. If you are paying with an 'offline' method you will be sent information on how to make payment.

These sessions can be paid for in 6 week blocks for £45 - just £7.50 per session!

We ask that, if you attend these sessions, you fill in the form below so that we have necessary records for contacting you in relation to your coaching.


If you are leaving your child with us for coaching you must complete the form below prior to attending.


This form only needs to be completed once per term and not for each individual session. Should your information change please contact us via

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