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Excel Tennis Academy Online Resources

We'll be updating this page every Monday and Friday with brand new lessons for you to follow along with at home!

This is our way of trying to help the community stay active during lockdown and a way of getting children involved with fun, physical exercise at home. While we recommend having access to a tennis racket and some sort of ball, many of these videos can be followed along using things found around the house. 

Monday 22nd February | Lesson 1: Getting Ready

Friday 26th February      | Lesson 2: Movement

Monday 1st March           | Lesson 3: Coordination

Friday 5th  March              | Lesson 4: Aiming

Monday 8th March | Lesson 4: Balance and Coordination

Part 1: Warming Up

Part 3: Racket and Ball Skills

Part 2: Body and Ball Skills

Part 4: Challenge Yourself!

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